Body Man’s Glue Pull Starter Kit


Perfect starter kit for those in the body shop industry interested in “glue pull to paint” repairs.

This PDR Glue Pulling Kit comes with:

1 Anson Slide Hammer 3 lb.

5 Tequila Compression Tabs

10 Anson Crease Crusher Variety Pack Glue Tabs

2 Tequila Bomber Knockdowns

1 Glue gun TEC 820-12

4 CamAuto 3D tabs

1 Oval-Shaped locking link

1 Bag Perfect Pull Collision Glue (10 sticks)

1 Keco 3″ supertab

1 Keco 3×6″ Oval Supertab

2 Eyebolts

1 Matchgrade Duel Angle Tip

1 stainless BB Tip

1 Crown Buster Tip Accessory

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Weight 7.5 lbs